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Video - What To Do When Your Kenworth Radiator Breaks

Posted by BHD Truck Parts on

A quick explainer on what to do when your Kenworth radiator breaks down and you need a new one fast. 

Video - How To Find The Right OEM Peterbilt Radiator

A great video we put together on how to find the right OEM Peterbilt radiators for your truck. 

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How To Find The Right OEM Peterbilt Radiators

Be sure to check out our huge selection of Peterbilt radiators, then give us a call. 

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​Why You Should Get Aftermarket Peterbilt Radiators

When you search for aftermarket radiators, ones that will save you the most money, you will often see the name Peterbilt come up. This is a company that is well known for its production of class 5 and class 8 trucks. It is a business that began in Oakland California back in the 1930s, and [...]

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​Why You Should Consider Using Peterbilt Radiators

The type of radiator that you have in your truck can mean the difference between driving for long distances during extremely hot weather, or having a horrible run. Radiators are the built-in heat exchangers of all combustion engines, used with not only trucks but on  cars, trains, motorcycles and power generating plants. The key is to [...]

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​Why People Trust Kenworth Radiators

Anyone that has ever driven a truck on a hot road understands that, from time to time, your radiator will fail. You will see the steam coming out, caused by a crack in your radiator, something that may or may not have been your fault. If you do not have enough coolant in the radiator before going [...]

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On Overview Of Kenworth Radiators

A radiator is a very necessary part of every combustion vehicle that is driven. It essentially works as a heat exchanger. As your car or truck runs, the engine gets extremely hot. It is only through this heat exchange system that you will be able to keep driving. Internal combustion engines are known for the excessive [...]

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It's Spring time and time to check your A/C is showing the forecast for the summer. Looks like most of the country will be above average with warm temperatures. It’s still spring time here in the midwest and the weather is changing back and forth from warm days back to cool days. But, this is the time to discuss your A/C [...]

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​When Do You Need A New Peterbilt Radiator?

Is it time to make a change and get a new Peterbilt radiator?There are many reasons for why the truck's radiator has to be changed and this read will take a look at all of them. There are many common reasons for why this problem comes up.Let's take a glance at these radiator problems that can [...]

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Signs That Your Kenworth Radiator Is Going Out

There are many signs that a radiator on your truck is going out. Even people that are not mechanically inclined will recognize this. You may notice obvious signs such as antifreeze showing up beneath your truck in a puddle, a clear sign that there is a substantial leak. If you are driving along, even on [...]

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