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Infographic - Why Truckers Love Aftermarket Freightliner Radiators

This is an infographic we put together on why tuckers love aftermarket Freightliner radiators. Be sure you check out our warranties. Do a search for your OEM. Questions? Give us a call. We're the kind of company who actually answered the phone.

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Video - Aftermarket Peterbilt Radiators

Here's a great video we did on aftermarket Peterbilt Radiators. 

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Infographic - Why Truckers Love Our Peterbilt Radiators

Have you considered the OEM specifications a buyer looks for when looking to get a Peterbilt radiator? Do your options meet all requirement? At BHD Truck Parts all data is assessed, which means all OEM specs are met.

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​Why Truckers Love BHD Peterbilt Radiators

Does your truck require a new radiator that has to be purchased at a good rate? Want to go with something that is consistent and fair? It is not always about just going ahead and getting it, but more about learning who is selling the radiator because trustworthy sellers are important. Our radiators are consistent and [...]

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​Why Use Aftermarket Kenworth Radiators?

Kenworth has been manufacturing custom-designed trucks for the most rugged environment since the late 1920s. These trucks are considered workhorses that incorporate a sense of style. They are also tough and dependable at the same time. This is why many customers prefer Kenworth trucks over other brands of trucks on the market. These trucks are designed [...]

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​Why Truckers Love Aftermarket Freightliner Radiators

Want a new radiator that is going to be installed in the truck in the near future? Want to get a good Freightliner radiator? These Freightliner radiators are not simple but when you go with us, you will know they will set up nicely inside the truck once bought. You don't need to trust others who [...]

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