On Overview Of Kenworth Radiators

On Overview Of Kenworth Radiators

Kenworth Radiator History

A radiator is a very necessary part of every combustion vehicle that is driven. It essentially works as a heat exchanger. As your car or truck runs, the engine gets extremely hot. It is only through this heat exchange system that you will be able to keep driving. Internal combustion engines are known for the excessive amount of heat that can build up, but this is also true for locomotives, piston engined aircraft, and even stationary power plants that are used today.

The Origins Of Radiators

Radiators were likely created as a result of realizing that automobiles would overheat. A person by the name of Karl Benz is actually associated with the invention of the radiator for the automobile, and Wilhelm Maybach for the honeycomb design of the radiator, the one specifically used in the Mercedes 35 HP. Without these on a vehicle, it would literally be impossible to go more than a mile before the entire engine would failed to work. Engines need to be cooled, and not just by air, so let's look at how radiators actually function.

How Radiators Function

Radiators that are in vehicles work with a liquid cooled system, specifically connected to the engine and cylinder head through channels filled with coolant. The liquid coolant is pumped throughout the system, preventing the engine from overheating, and also preventing it from cracking if it becomes too cold. This liquid is called anti-freeze, typically made of propylene glycol, and is ran by a water pump. There is a thermostat which acts as a temperature control system, and there is also a fan that will draw in fresh air through the radiator itself. All of this works together to make sure that the engine will continue to function, making it one of the more important parts of a vehicle.

Kenworth Radiators - A Part Of History

When it comes to radiators, and the vehicles that they're a part of, Kenworth is one of the more notable companies of the last hundred years. Founded in1923, the company (now headquartered in Kirkland, Washington) is a subsidiary of another company that manufactures school buses and transit buses. It is also known for producing many different trucks and their components. Kenworth radiators will continue to be one of the more popular radiators sold because they are known for producing nothing but quality. 

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