Signs That Your Kenworth Radiator Is Going Out

Signs That Your Kenworth Radiator Is Going Out

Kenworth Radiators

There are many signs that a radiator on your truck is going out. Even people that are not mechanically inclined will recognize this. You may notice obvious signs such as antifreeze showing up beneath your truck in a puddle, a clear sign that there is a substantial leak. If you are driving along, even on a cold day, and your engine temperature indicator is running high, this is a likely sign that your radiator is not functioning properly and that you will need to have it replaced or repaired. If you decide to the one that you have, you might want to consider obtaining Kenworth radiators. These are top-of-the-line radiators, those that are exceptional, and can provide you with many years of problem free service that will keep your truck running cool.

How Kenworth Radiators Work

A radiator, and simple terms, is the part of your truck that keeps your engine from overheating. There is coolant inside of the radiator, allowing it to absorb the heat that your engine is producing, preventing it from breaking down. The absence of coolant in the radiator is one of the reasons that it may fail, and when it does, your engine could be damaged. Additionally, your radiator may have a leak caused by a crack or a hose that has a rip or tear, both of which can lead to coolant leakage. This is what typically will cause the pool of radiator fluid beneath your truck on a regular basis. After a period of time, it may actually completely drain out, leading to the possibility that your truck will soon be out of commission.

Obvious Signs That Your Radiator Is In Trouble

Although we have already mentioned a few of the reasons that a radiator may be malfunctioning which includes a puddle of antifreeze on the ground, you could also tell if something is wrong by noticing how your truck is functioning. If it is not able to get up to high speeds quickly, the engine could be compromised. The hotter that it becomes, the less functional it will be, and this will inevitably lead to a radiator problem, one that may need to be replaced.

Why You Should Choose A Kenworth Radiator

This is one of the top brands that people use for radiators that are in trucks. Kenworth is a well-known name in this industry, producing the very best products. If you need to know exactly what type of radiator will work for your vehicle, you can get the OEM number which will identify the exact radiator that you should purchase to replace the old one. This is how all professionals are able to find the radiators that are needed in order to fix all vehicles that come in. If you are doing this on your own, it's very easy to search for radiators made by Kenworth, and also type in the OEM number, and you will find the exact one that you need.

If you do take this in, you should have no problem getting a radiator in a matter of days if you order it online from a Kenworth distributor. You may also find wholesalers that can give you a great discount. When you take it in to have it fixed by a mechanic, they will be able to purchase one for a very discounted price, and also put it in with a full guarantee in most cases. If you have noticed antifreeze beneath your truck, or if your air-conditioning unit is blowing warm air, it's definitely time to replace the radiator, or take it into a mechanic, that can replace your Kenworth radiator.

Apr 18th 2016

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