​Why People Trust Kenworth Radiators

​Why People Trust Kenworth Radiators

Kenworth Radiator Overview

Anyone that has ever driven a truck on a hot road understands that, from time to time, your radiator will fail. You will see the steam coming out, caused by a crack in your radiator, something that may or may not have been your fault. If you do not have enough coolant in the radiator before going on a trip, you could find yourself in a very difficult situation. Even if properly maintained, if you are not using a quality radiator, you could be facing problems down the road. Kenworth radiators are considered by many people to be the best that exist today, made by a company that has received high praise, especially in the manufacturing of Class 8 trucks. Here is a quick overview of this company, why people trust them, and what you can expect with a Kenworth radiator if you are fortunate enough to have one.

The Purpose Of Radiators

Simply stated, a radiator is what prevents an engine from overheating by helping to circulate coolant throughout the engine. It is a reservoir of the coolant which is moved via a water pump through a system of tubes connected throughout the engine. There is a plastic component where you fill the radiator, with hoses that lead down to the actual physical unit. As long as it is maintained, and you are not driving excessively through hot desert areas on a regular basis, these will likely continue to work for many decades.

Different Kenworth Radiators

When you do a quick search for these radiators, you will find them for sale for small vehicles all the way to heavy-duty trucks. They are broken down by model numbers, allowing you to find the exact one that you need to replace if you have recently had one break. Some of them will contain a surge tank, and in the specs that you will read it will talk about the inlet neck, outlet neck, and the different rows for cooling. There is a core height and width that will also be documented allowing you to choose one that will actually fit your vehicle.

Finding The Right Radiator

Due to the popularity of these radiators, they are actually easy to find. It is recommended that you purchase new ones as they will not have any wear and tear that is typically attributed to older parts that are often taken from junkyards. If you have a newer vehicle, you will likely not have to worry about any problems with your radiator unless of course you forget to put the coolant in. 

Kenworth radiators are going to be one of your top choices if you are looking to replace an existing radiator that is no longer functioning, and it's non-negotiable if you drive a Kenworth truck.. It's easier to let your local mechanic order for you, but you do need to specify that you would prefer having a radiator from Kenworth prior to placing the order. Once done, you will have the confidence that this radiator will continue to work for many years. Short of a catastrophic event, and with regular maintenance, this radiator should last a very long time.

May 12th 2016 BHD Truck Parts

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