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DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters)

 Diesel Particulate Filters are extremely effective at controlling the output of harmful emissions from diesel engines by trapping diesel particulate matter (PM) and allowing it to combust into carbon dioxide. The composition of PM is mainly soot (carbon), but will also contain lube oil ash, hydrocarbons and sulfur oxides. In properly working DPFs, visible soot is virtually eliminated from tailpipe exhaust.

In 2007 EPA emissions regulations were changed to require most US and Canadian heavy-duty vehicles be equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). As of 2010, DPFs became standard equipment on all new makes of heavy-duty trucks in the US and Canada.

OEM Direct Fit

 BHD Truck Parts (BHD) DPFs are direct fit replacements for OEM systems to ensure that installation is as quick and easy as possible. BHD DPFs include all necessary ports and attachments for sensors and are designed to operate in the exact same capacity as the original OEM part.

BHD DPFs are tested against the OEM to ensure that back-pressure, temperature, and the regeneration performance meets, or exceeds, the standards set out by the original manufacturer.

Newly Manufactured

 BHD DPFs and DOCs are always newly built, never re-manufactured or re-conditioned. All BHD parts are backed with a one-year warranty.

In-Stock Designs for all Makes and Models

BHD has a large selection of aftermarket DPFs and DOC. If your vehicle’s emission control system needs replacement, parts are in stock and available for same day shipment from one of our warehouses in continental US.

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