Freightliner Radiator - Fits: Century, Columbia & M2

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Radiator Details

Freightliner Radiators

Radiator for Freightliner Truck

Fits: Century, Columbia & M2
Years: 2004 to 2007

OE Style Radiator w/ Plastic Tanks / Aluminum Core

CORE HEIGHT: 41 3/4"
CORE WIDTH: 30 5/8"
INLET: 2 1/2" - Upper Left - 5 3/4" IN
OUTLET: 2 1/2" - Lower Right- 5 3/4" IN

Comes With 1 Year Warranty (Read More)

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To Validate warranty you must purchase isolator or if you have warranty issues you must provide receipt for isolator from dealership.
Part no: 180059 - Mounting Isolator for this Radiator is a recommended replacement when installing this radiator.


OEM Part Numbers:

686, BHTU3933001, BHTE7244, A0519870014, D9526, A0519870018, BHTE7241, E7241, A0519870016, BHTD9550, D9550, E7244, FRE32, BHTH5468, H5468, BT7157CDM, D0535, D0530, BHTD0530, U3933001, CVTM81713, D0635, 437431, SCSI-239139, 8000-32PT


Other Reference Numbers:

A0519870018, A0519870022, A0519870024, D9526, BHTD9550, D9550, BHTE7241, E7241, BHTE7241002, E7241002, BHTH5468, H5468, BHTH5468002, H5468002, BT7157CDM, BTC7157CDM, 7157CDM, 558059SAA, SRM8059, FRE32PA, FR48, FR48R4, FR48WF, 20011724, SPI20011724, ABPN2020011724, CTVTU81713, CVTU81713, CTVTU81714, 2400416, 376761561, A0519870005, A051987006, BHTD0207, D0207, BHTD0636, D0636, BHTD3047, D3047, BHTD9550, D9550, BHTD9572, D9572, BHTU3933002, U3933002, 800032, 800032PT, 800032ST, 8032, S8032, TR9117, 559117, TR9139


For All Metal Radiator with Brass Tanks / Copper Core, see part no: 188117


Freightliner Radiator Part Number 188139
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